3 Superb Reasons to Take Play Seriously

What if you took your joyful leisure pursuits as seriously as your work?

I’ve found what stops people is a voice that says, “I could be getting more done instead” or “I don’t really need that – it’s frivolous and indulgent.”

So today, I give you a firm rebuttal to all those taskmaster voices in your head.

This is the case for goofing off more.

You NEED a little space every day to let loose, lighten up, and savor simple pleasures.

Small moments of enjoyment and carefree delight are as imperative for your well-being as brushing your teeth, getting in a sweat sesh and nourishing your bod with good food.

Just like brushing your teeth, working out, or meditating – play is best done very regularly – with a structure to make the habit stick.

(That’s why I created Powered by Play. If playing every day sounds amazing but also daunting, come join me for 7 weeks of support, inspiration and practice that makes it easy to create daily delight and a thriving life.)

So, here’s the case for goofing off more regularly. Turns out, you require play to thrive. Dr. Stuart Brown, an expert on adult play, says, “Lack of play should be treated like malnutrition – it’s a health risk to your body and mind.”

Sleep, food, and movement are bigger biological needs. We would die without them. Technically, we can survive without playfulness, but we won’t thrive. Life won’t feel as good. And play deprivation can contribute to depression or burnout.

How exactly does play help us thrive?

Here are 3 Reasons to Take Play Seriously (That You Can Feel Good About)

1) Play Helps You Recover

You NEED space to relax and recover from the daily stresses and challenges of living.

You could sit and stare out the window, but why not enjoy yourself while you’re taking a break from what’s hard? Play helps you release stress, recover, and build resilience for the next stressor coming your way.

2) Play Bolsters Your Mental Health & Well-being

When you do something playful, it feels good. And when you feel good, it creates positive emotions (like happiness, gratitude, contentment, laughter, love, or awe). Purposefully generating positive emotions on a regular basis makes you less susceptible to dips in mental health and mental illness.

So many people are struggling with mental health right now because of the pandemic. Playfulness is part of our collective recovery to mental flourishing.

3) Play Drives Your Productivity and Work Success

Technically, play is devoid of productive outcome, but taking play breaks makes you more productive when you return to work. Play also makes you more innovative, adaptable, and solution-oriented. Play makes you happier AND more successful!

Which one of these reasons is most compelling to you? Leave a comment and tell me what play can do for you!