Overwhelmed? Let’s Take Back Your Time.

This message is for you if:

• You feel overworked or overwhelmed

• You think “if only I had more time…”

• You just don’t know how to get it all done. Your time is filled with work and chores and it’s hard to make time for yourself to relax and have fun.


• Feeling in charge of your time instead of being run by your to-do list.

• Getting important things done and taking great care of yourself.

• Engaging with time and tasks in a way that feels lighter and easier.​

Let’s get time feeling so much better for you!

Here’s my all-time best advice on time management: don’t manage your time. Manage your energy.

I bet you’re trying to do MANY THINGS with LITTLE ENERGY, am I right? And when crunched, you work faster/harder/longer, even though you might be pretty darn tired? So, what if you flipped the script and DID FEWER THINGS with MORE ENERGY? How to take back your time? Do Less, Energize More.

Do less. 

Time feels better when you do fewer things. Work can be calm, focused, unrushed. This seems so obvious, yet it’s often the last place we look when facing task overwhelm, because we live in a “more is better” culture.

Ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Is this task absolutely necessary? Essential to my highest work? Crucial for basic needs? If not, let it go. Practice the habit of pruning your to-do list daily. Yes, this is hard. But I know we can do hard things! (thanks, Glennon Doyle)

Pause before you dive in. Examine your to-do list. Delete or defer things. ALSO: JUST BECAUSE YOU WROTE IT DOWN, DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

Energize more. 

The more energy you bring, the easier and faster work becomes. This one is hard because we’re conditioned to believe that amount of time spent on tasks is the most important factor. But the longer you work, the less energy you have. And it’s hard to get things done when you’re wiped out.

Let me ask you this. If you had 2 hours to complete a task and are tired, would you rather: (A) spend 2 hours on the task, or, (B) spend 30 minutes napping or walking, and 1.5 hours on the task?

Less work at higher energy = better and more work, period. Take time to generate good vibes for yourself and your work gets easier. Practice gratitude. Take a rest break every 90 minutes at work. Go for a walk. Do things that light you up. Laugh. Connect with feel-good people. Fill up your cup….it fuels your best work

Do Less, Energize More. Advice that is simple, but hard. It requires changing thoughts and habits, but it’s so worth it!

If you want support and guidance to make all this real in your life, I am over-the-moon excited to announce a brand-new offering: The Take Back Your Time VIP Experience! It’s a whole day designed to help you stop the crazy busy and step into feeling spacious and accomplished with your time. I’d love to spend a day with you relieving your overwhelm once and for all and helping you make room to take great care of yourself.

Do less, and enjoy it more, friends.

XOXO, Kaitlyn

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