A 6-month 1:1 coaching program to recover from burnout and reignite your life.

Once upon a time, you were energized, excited, and passionate about life.

Managing your time better won’t put a dent in it. Yoga and a vacation take the edge off, but aren’t the answer. Working harder and longer makes it worse. You need a simple, straightforward, no B.S. process (new thoughts, habits, and behavioral shifts ). It’s not a quick fix, but it doesn’t have to be hard. This program makes it simpler AND gives you ample space to make the significant shifts necessary to leave it behind for good.

Burnout can feel lonely, hopeless, scary, and sometimes even shameful.

You don’t need to go it alone. The best way to heal from burnout is to get support. You need a champion to remind you that YOU matter. Let me be your partner and guide to help you create real change, balance drive with well-being and create a life you love.

Now, you’re exhausted, apathetic, and your productivity is dwindling. You have nothing left to give, yet there’s no end in sight. You have a job and demands that won’t get done without you. And all you want is to get back to feeling like your old joyful self again.

Ending burnout feels like another giant, impossible to-do. You’ve tried things and they haven’t worked. You’re ready for a real, lasting solution.

Executive Coach, CPCC, ACC

I know firsthand what it feels like to burn out.

After severely burning out in my corporate job and taking medical leave, I had no burnout-specific professionals to turn to. I felt so alone and unresourced. That’s why I created Restoration!

I'm a hard worker and high-achiever like you.

I’ve had a career in high-pressure, high-performance roles and orgs:

  • Strategic Advisor and Project Manager at Nordstrom
  • Part of the startup team that launched the Nordstrom Canada business
  • Harvard Business School Research Associate and Author; French teacher
  • Coaching and leadership certification from Co-Active Training Institute
  • Cornell University B.A., summa cum laude

I coach and teach high-achieving women how to do the only thing they struggle to achieve: how to pause, relax, let go, and play.

In Restoration, you get space to breathe, time to think, permission to have fun. You’ll restore energy and productivity, get excited about life again, and go back into your job ( or a new one! ) with a new, healthy, sustainable work approach.

How will you do this?
Through the Restoration Process:


  • Learn to take care of your well-being and see self-care as a professional skill.
  • Disconnect, de-stress, and create boundaries to work stress and overwork.
  • Cultivate mindfulness habits and good sleep and rest hygiene.


  • Connect to your body – the foundation for a healthy, energized, high-performance life.
  • Create a customized embodiment and movement practice that you love.
  • Experiment with new ways to move that support renewal and enjoyment.


  • Discover what makes you light up. Full permission to have fun again in every area of life.
  • Explore different types of play and discover your unique play personality.
  • Use playfulness to drive creativity, productivity, and energy at work.

Ready to restore yourself?

This coaching program costs less than most vacations, but unlike a temporary getaway, it creates lasting life change.

What’s Included

  • 16 hours of coaching ( weekly sessions in the first 2 months to create restorative habits; bi-weekly sessions in the last 4 months )
  • Email support between sessions
  • Workbook guide with resources / readings / activities / journal to jumpstart you into restoration and help you track your progress in the Restoration journey
  • Surprise care package delivered to you in the mail

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