The Performance Lies We Believe

As an executive well-being coach, I help leaders drive high performance and results by developing the professional skill of self-care and well-being.

All professionals can achieve peak performance AND peak well-being. Yet we live at a time when many leaders, organizations and workers believe round-the-clock work and stress are professional accolades and self-care is a sign of weakness or lack of dedication.

I highly value industry and achievement. I live for Getting Things Done and RESULTS! And…I value self-care and well-being. I can’t get enough of meditation, mindfulness, movement, having fun, and deliberate rest. (This has not always been true; I had to burn out to get my wakeup call that self-care matters.)

Let’s stop perpetuating costly untruths. Overwork does not increase productivity. Focus on well-being does not decrease productivity. The cost of these untruths is burnout, or at “best,” disengagement and sub-par work.

We CAN have great success from more modest work hours.
We CAN’T sustainably create good output if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Do you really value performance and results? Then take your well-being seriously and put self-care on your development plan for 2020. I coach you how.

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