A Secret to Self-Confidence: Tune Into You

I want you to trust yourself and take confident action.

I want you to fall in love with the idea of spending time alone with yourself.

Yep, this is my totally unsexy, very powerful secret to self-confidence: alone time. I learned this practice from my coach and am passing it on to you. It’s sometimes called “attunement” but I’m calling it “you-tune” because it’s just fun.

Here’s the You-Tune formula:

Create alone time >>> hear inner wisdom >>> take action with confidence

If you struggle to trust yourself and your decisions, nothing is wrong with you. You didn’t miss out on the confidence gene – trust me. “You have all the equipment; you just have to read the manual.” (Truth bomb from Legally Blonde right there. Thanks Elle Woods, lol!)

Here’s the deal: you can’t hear your inner wisdom in the cacophony of modern life if you’re working, with other people, connected to media, or scrolling on your phone.

When was the last time you spent quality time by yourself? Alone, undisrupted, in a quiet space? When you start practicing this regularly, you will feel your self-confidence rise.

So how do you practice You-Tune?

1)   Create time to be alone 3 times this week.

2)   Experiment with 3 different places or practices that help you feel present to yourself. Ideas: time spent outside, in nature, walking, sitting in a favorite spot that makes you feel good, meditation, prayer, yoga, snuggling with your cat or dog, journaling, singing, dancing, watching sunset, gazing at a candle or fire.

3)   Notice what conditions best allow you to tune into you. You’ll know you’ve hit a good one if you feel spacious, relaxed, grounded, and a sense of appreciation or wonder, and ideas and truths flowing more easily to the surface.

My all-time favorite You-Tune practice is to walk to the beach and watch the waves roll in. Sitting on the sand, I feel grounded, present, and energized by the sun. I delight watching baby sandpipers skitter in the surf. The critical voices in my head subside and the voice of my true self – the one who is passionate, playful, and wise – rises up in me. I remember who I am, what I care about, and I usually feel clearer about whatever I need to do that I feel stuck on or unsure of.

Will you try You-Tune this week?

Because you know what’s best for you.

And you have everything you need within you to trust yourself and your decisions.

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