Redefine your work
Reconnect with yourself
Reignite your life


A 6-month high-level group coaching experience for high-achieving women leaders ready to rise above burnout for good and live the prosperous powerhouse life. 

You ready?

I see you, high-achieving, big hearted woman, mid to senior level in your career and professionally accomplished, but phew it's coming at a cost. Am i right?

You’re overworking. Have had your seasons or moments of burnout. And no matter what you do, it feels like work still takes up so much of your life. 

Perhaps you’ve hit a bump and what got you here isn’t getting you there. Or you’re up for promotion, but how will you survive if you’re already worn out? Or you’ve climbed that ladder and “arrived” but realize this success isn’t it and no amount of achievement will fill you up.

You feel an inner tug to get space from it all and get back to your joyful self. You’re craving rest and space to just “be.” Some bonafide peace and contentment. But it’s hard to disconnect and slow down. You’ve got no chill. Will you ever be able to flow between revved up and relaxed?

I'm here to tell you...

You can have a successful career without sacrificing yourself to it – one where you experience the joys and satisfaction of work without it taking over your life (and if I’m honest, your identity). A much richer life awaits you, even if you can’t see it yet.

you want to be a truly prosperous powerhouse

And let’s face it: you’re not truly prosperous if your high performance is costing you your peace, health and wholeness. You can’t rise to your best life and leadership if your needs aren’t met.

It’s time to stop being ruled by your work and reclaim sovereignty over your whole life. 

You want it. You’re ready for it! But you also wonder…
  • Can I really have career success and a richer, more relaxed life? Especially as I rise and get more senior or take my business to the next level?
  • Can I really break the overwork/burnout/work anxiety cycle for good?
  • Why is it so hard to unplug from “doing, doing, doing” and ease into more “being” without the guilt, without the struggle, without a single hesitation?

And that’s why I’m here, because I’ve been where you’ve been, asking these questions.

I’ve gone before you to redefine work on my terms, reconnect with myself, and create a vibrant life that’s lit from within. I’m here to help you create the prosperous powerhouse life you crave.

And you’re not alone – so many of us desperately need this shift. Here’s what I see for us…

...I envision a world where we have:
  • A fresh model for engaging with work that enables high performance and a thriving life.
  • Thriving leaders disrupting the prevailing burnout culture in our workplaces. 
  • Self-advocating, self-authoritative women standing in their worth. Overwork is, in part, an impact of inequality, so no more proving ourselves at work!

In short, work gets to feel good and lift up your life! And if it doesn’t, I want you equipped and empowered to know exactly what to do to change your reality.

If you’re questioning if this is even possible, I get it. We’re up against a lot of cultural resistance. It took me years to “crack the code” and I almost gave up. 

For 15 years, work was my primary. I took on the toughest roles and projects and joined the overachieving teams. Overworking and needs-neglecting is required to be a professional success, right? 

I can tell you, you are rolling the dice on your health and well-being. One minute you’re holding it all together, the next you’ve cracked from holding it all too long. I had no idea how severe the consequences could be until I severely burned out. It was very hard to find a new way forward.

Me at rock bottom burnout

I understand the struggles and obstacles in your way:

  • You’re afraid that putting your needs first will hurt the success you’ve worked so hard for.
  • You keep telling yourself you’ll make changes after the next project or promotion. 
  • Your leadership or manager works tirelessly and you feel compelled to do the same. 
  • You have a pile of responsibilities outside work that aren’t going to take care of themselves.

You’ve also tried all the things to manage stress and make work feel better: 

  • Set boundaries and delegate.
  • Practice healthy habits and self-care (sleep, workouts, yoga, meditation).
  • Take time off (retreats, vacation, medical/stress leave).
  • Work with therapists or healers (to improve mental health and reduce stress).

But these don’t work or give you only temporary relief. The stress and anxiety always return. 

And then, when we fail to break the cycle, we think the problem is us.

If we could just be better at work, manage our time better, minimize our needs, and tolerate the demands. Or we start to think we’re burned out because we just don’t have what it takes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not you!

here's what's really going on.
  • We’re part of a capitalist society and burnout working culture that take more from us than they give. It’s up to us to self-advocate, but no one taught us how.
  • Extreme work cultures (e.g., Wall Street, Professional Service Firms, Tech Startups) have influenced workplaces at large making overwork synonymous with professional success. Their design: overwork early in your career in exchange for potential high reward. The problem is, we never stop. And we can’t sustain such intense work for an entire career. It set a dangerous standard for high performance: choose career success or a balanced life.
  • Being part of a work-focused culture makes us believe that we are our work. So many of us are overachievers, going above and beyond continually. And being a high-achiever doesn’t protect you from burnout – it actually makes you more vulnerable to it.
My vision is to help you reclaim your sovereignty over work and transform our work cultures with thriving leadership.

This is crucial. We need to be the leaders we may not have and be the change we want to see. We’re holding that the Prosperous Powerhouse is not only possible, but the only way forward for a sustainable workforce. This is the most foundational leadership we must have to thrive.

You can become the next generation of thriving leaders that your direct reports will model themselves against: the Prosperous Powerhouses getting results and shining bright.

So circle up, buttercup! Me & this community have GOT your back to get YOU unstuck and get you lit back up.

To overcome overwork, here’s what we really need:

  • To develop a healthy achiever mindset – so we’re fully empowered over work and can control how and when we engage and how work makes us feel. 
  • To turn toward ourselves and advocate for our needs – so we develop inner leadership and honor our authentic desires which allows us to thrive.
  • To identify burnout vulnerabilities and maximize work positivity – so we know how to reduce chronic work stressors and proactively build our most energizing and engaging work experience.

We don’t do quick fixes or address symptoms. We do deeper inner work of self-awareness, identifying blindspots, mindset shifts, redefining identity and developing inner leadership. We help you understand your patterns and disrupt them. It takes time but creates lasting impact. This foundation sets you up to live out your most fulfilling Lit From Within life where professional success and thriving go hand in hand. 

Oh hey! Have we met? I’m Kaitlyn Corse (ACC, CPCC), your Lit From Within Coach and Guide. 

As Executive Coach, CEO, and Founder, I’ve spent the last 5 years supporting women leaders to be resilient, joyful, and on fire.  

I came to this work after 11 years as a strategic advisor and project manager in high-pressure, high-demand work environments where I delivered top results but severely burned out. My organization – like most – had high expectations, but offered no support for me to stay resilient. I was successful on the outside – Ivy league degree, six figure job, designer wardrobe – but miserable on the inside. I was overconsumed by work and underfeeding my bigger desires.

After hitting rock bottom, I bought a one-way ticket to another continent, hunkered down on a quiet island, and with the support of a superb coach I went inward to listen and create a blueprint of the heart. After that, I courageously reinvented my life. Six years later, I’m in a healthy relationship with work – confident I’ll never burnout again – and am lit up by the life I’ve created: a joyful vocation, the partnership of my dreams, a laid back beach town life. It’s not perfect, but it’s straight from my heart.

I’ve walked every step of the Lit From Within heroine’s journey before you and can hold you through the hardest, darkest parts. I’ve deeply researched stress/burnout/resilience science for the past 4 years. Other goodies I bring on your behalf: I’m a Cornell University alum, an ICF-credentialed professional coach, a Quantum Endeavors certified executive coach, an Integrative Enneagram coach, and am trained in leadership development through CTI and Spiral Leadership.

What I love most is empowering women to come home to themselves and reignite energy and joy for life and leadership. I can’t wait to help you have a radical new experience of work and a richer life of authentic success!

So imagine, please: what would it feel like to spend the next 10, 20, or 30 years of your working life knowing exactly what to do so that work lifts you and lights you up rather than burns you out? Imagine a life where you have your own back always and are uninhibited in meeting your needs? Where you have an ever-expanding “blueprint of the heart” to create an exceptional, lit up life for yourself?

Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 3.37.57 PM
Lit from within will give you:
  • A soft, trusted space and community to grapple with how you’ve over-identified with work and achievement with a warm, supportive coach and peers to help you see you are so much more than what you do!
  • Permission to shift focus from meeting outer expectations to meeting inner needs. Support to know that your needs matter. Space to open your heart, go inward, and do the meaningful work of figuring out what you really want beyond being great at what you do. 
  • Awareness of overwork patterns that lead to burnout – and the skills, boundaries, and courage to stop tolerating unhealthy, misaligned work. Resilience to thrive no matter what life throws at you. Inspiration to leave the safety of known success and explore the uncertainty of passion and purpose. 
at the end of our time together you'll:
  • Understand how to self-advocate and embody Healthy High Performance so work no longer consumes your life.
  • Feel a deep connection to your Leader Within to create a life that’s true to you and lights you up. Develop the capacity to simply “be” to balance out a lifetime of doing.
  • Know the path to greater Work Well-th and unapologetically pursue it. Get clarity on what makes work feel rich, energizing, and engaging. Redesign a role, get that promotion, uplevel your leadership, find a new workplace, or pivot your career.
what to expect and what's included:
  • A community you can share your whole self with vulnerably. This will be a game-changing part of the Lit From Within experience – people who get what you’re going through.
  • Two monthly group coaching calls per month to learn from seasoned professionals on the same journey. 10 women max to keep things cozy. Think soulful, goal-full sisters. Leave with friends and colleagues for life. 
  • One 1:1 coaching call with Kaitlyn per month for personal focus on your specific needs. 
  • A virtual kickoff retreat for everyone to meet, start building camaraderie, and begin to vision and write the story of your “from here to there” Lit From Within journey and life.
  • An Integrative9 Pro Enneagram report and debrief to laser in on your unique overwork/burnout patterns and get immediate shifts underway.
  • Monthly rituals/practices to ground deeply in key habits for self-connection and resilience. 
  • Guest experts to teach and inspire on special topics.
  • A spacious pace and place to be and become. This program is intended to feel do-able for busy women. It’ll challenge you to show up, take action, and stretch outside your comfort zone, but the focus is quiet space for inner work.
  • March 2024-August 2024
  • The total investment is: $750/month for 6 months plus an upfront deposit of $500
  • Enrollment is by invitation or application only. If you’re interested in enrolling, your next step is to book a call with me and have a conversation. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Want to enroll?

Your next step is to connect with Kaitlyn

What Clients Say

Hey Sunshine, ready to do this? 

It’s time for a game-changing move worthy of your superstar DNA. 

You can move beyond the overachiever and rise up into the prosperous powerhouse with inner sunshine to carry you always.

Don’t keep going it alone. Don’t play out one more cycle of work stress and risk a major burnout. Don’t put off your big dreams one more year.

Your most exceptional life awaits. And I know you won’t accept any less.


Q: I want my employer to pay for this program. Would Lit From Within be considered a Leadership & Development expense?

Absolutely! This is a coaching and leadership development experience and you can use professional development funds towards this or see if your employer will sponsor part or all of the cost. If you’re a talent development professional or leader who would like to sponsor an employee into this program, I also welcome that – please book a call so we can talk.


Q: How many women will be in my coaching group?

This is an intimate, high-touch program that will be capped at 10 participants. You can expect to get a lot of personal attention and get to know your fellow participants well.


Q: How will we work together? Is it virtual or will I need to travel and show up in person?

This program is 100% virtual. Our group calls will take place on Zoom. Your private 1:1 coaching sessions will take place by phone. For group calls, we’ll do our best to find a time that works well for everyone. For 1:1 coaching sessions, you will be able to choose from my calendar a time that works best for you. This is all about the live experience, so you should plan to be able to show up twice monthly for our live calls and have the flexibility in your work schedule to do so.


Q: I don’t live in the United States. Can I participate?

Yes. Our group calls will take place on weekdays, most likely sometime between 10:00-4:00pm Pacific Time, so the only consideration for you might be time zone. (Given the time difference, this likely won’t be a great fit for someone based in Asia-Pacific, for example.)

Q: I’m experiencing severe burn out right now. Is this program right for me?

This program aims to support folks who are on a spectrum of work stress and burnout – some may be struggling more than others. The best way to determine whether this program is right for you is to book a call so we can discuss your specific situation. I’m not a mental health professional or medical provider; if you experiencing crisis (e.g., severe mental and/or physical health issues) then you may not be in a place to be receptive to coaching work. That said, if you’re on leave or you’ve recently left a job because of stress/burnout and are looking to rebuild a new way forward, this program would be a great support for that – you don’t have to be doing full-time work to participate.

Have a question I didn't answer? hit "contact kaitlyn" to send me an email